Welcome To My Life

Charly AndHumphry
On KTVU Channel 2 in the Seventies – It’s Charly and Humphrey!

Welcome to a different take on the autistic experience!



  1. Interesting. Thanks. Glad you have emerged more from extreme isolation. Kim Peek would have remained much more isolated if someone – either Dustin Hoffman or the director of RM – hadn’t asked his father to share him more….

    Peek was mentally and functionally quite disabled, in some ways at least (couldn’t do much math at all, dress himself, reason well, etc., and was socially very awkward); yet at some point he seemed to understand the significance of love, and of actually living that understanding. “To be a man of greatness and love” was something he started to say. And he was living it more, at least later in life. (I love his vocalizations when he is stumped – a very innocent and spontaneous fellow.)

    True intelligence might be in understanding the importance of love in life, and the importance of living it. Peek had an interesting intelligence spectrum – very low in some areas, very high in others.

    Fear seems to get in the way.

    I am also rather hermitic much of the time, and am probably somewhere on the autistic spectrum. I feel a kinship with people like Fischer and Carlsen. They probably were/are not pangeniuses, or overall geniuses, though. Kasparov’s and Fischer’s actual IQs are/were not nearly as high as their rumored IQs. And I’m not sure their lives have been high in the love-intelligence-quotient department.

    Intelligence in the art of living….

    Anyway, thanks for the communicating.


    1. Am still quite isolated. Only go out to Autistry and with my support person for essentials at the least crowded times. Just cannot be around public. Stay in bed most of the time, like now.
      Curious you mention chess players as until quite recently the highest ranking players in the world were my only “friends”. Until I was abused by one while sharing an apartment…
      I then reviewed my past interactions and saw a pattern of abuse.
      Chess players are ,as a group, some of the most unhealthy specimens, both mentally unbalanced, often paranoid, selfish, and physical wrecks.
      I lost 3 chess friends in as many years: Walter Browne, John Grefe, and Alan Benson.
      All due to unhealthy lifestyles. Walter had a stroke which may have been related to his abuse of amphetamines in his early career. Alan waited too long to get help for the cancer that riddled his body and the inoperable brain tumor.
      Nobody would call 911 for him as they were afraid he would be angry.
      I finally did. He thanked me for saving his life but those were his last coherent words before he died. It was horrible to see the Cheyne Stokes breathing for days before his death.
      Grefe died of uncontrolled diabetes and kidney failure after no chess players would call 911 but, again, I did.
      I have eliminated this cohort from my life and now admit only basically healthy, “normal” people who truly have my best interest in mind.
      Let’s just say my circle is very small and composed almost entirely of practicing Buddhists.
      Buddhism is the reason I have come as “far” as I have. It teaches letting go and non attatchment, which, when I can put it into practice, greatly diminishes the strenth of my decomps, though I still have them almost daily.
      Except for at Autistry, I have no interest in, and actively avoid others “on the spectrum”.
      Thanks for listening.
      Now I retreat to the place I crave more than any other – solitude.


    2. I am sorry it took me so long to reply to your comment -it’s like I just noticed I could try to your comments! Thank you for your thought provoking words, and thank you for reading -autism truly is a “niche market” and I really dont5 have people clamoring g to read my stuff…


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