Oldest Sk8ter in Town

Found in park

A very battered yet still servicable skateboard.

I became fascinated with skateboards when they were still metal roller skates nailed to a board – when polyurethane boards and wheels debuted I pestered the parents mercilessly until they gave in and got me a hot pink board with a kicktail.

Unlike many autistics, I am, and always have been, agile and athletic, and was instantly converted. I rode all over town; my favorite spot was a 3 tiered parking lot between the funeral home and library – I spent many happy hours there and can stilk feel the smooth concrete. I skated alone. I did nearly everything alone.

I vowed when I got old I would still wear jeans and ride skateboards.

Guess I am doing just that – just now I rode in the bike lane to the library and found I have not forgotten at all how to skate. No helmet or kneepads, either. Perhaps that is not wise, but I’d rather not- I already draw enough attention as the oldest skater in town.

I do draw the line at going to the skate park with the 12 year old boys, though I FEEL like a 12 years old boy much of the time.

Skating, like running, lets me feel free and leave autism behind, just for a while.

I hope I never lose the courage to do the unexpected.


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