Veronica the Kitty from For Paws in Fairfax, California


Learning and creating pet portraits and animal drawings is my Autistry Studios project after it became obvious I was never going to show any initiative or enthusiasm for sewing.

For Paws ( is a pet store/animal rescue in Fairfax, California. Here is the description from their website:

“About For Paws

For Paws is an independently owned neighborhood pet store serving the pet needs of Fairfax, surrounding Bay Area communities, and visitors. We work with cat rescue groups and foster cats in the shop for Cat Angel Network. We carry a broad range of food, treats, toys etc. for your animal friends.

Contact Details:

31 Bolinas Road Suite D
Fairfax, CA 94930

Phone: (415) 456-4685

Also on the website is a gallery of kitty photos and store pictures with buttons to share “like” on Facebook and tweet. I was unable to do so just now as I have two factor authentication and left my phone at home – I am writing this at Autistry.

I first heard about For Paws from Sara at Autistry who knows Patti, one of the owners, who said I could probably go and pet the kitties – so I visited ASAP and, sure enough, Patti was there and said I could indeed play with the felines.

Veronica, the kitty pictured above in her rough version I created from a picture I took of her while I was there.

It is called “Veronica Kitty”, and I am making a frame for it with the Shopbot, which I have known Autistry has, ever since I started going there over a year ago, and showed zero interest in until its use applied to something I actually wanted to make – the frame for Veronica. A Shopbot is: ” Unlike a drill bit, a router bit is designed to cut from the sides as well as the tip. By precisely moving the cutter through material, a ShopBot CNC tool can create virtually any pattern or shape and will do it in materials such as wood, plastic, foam, aluminum and many composites.

Here is a picture of it:



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