I Am Autistic, and I Am a Bully

I am not proud of this tendency, and correct myself as soon as I engage in it, but just because one is autistic does not mean one is “nice”.

I was picked on some, as well, though I did fight back. It is well known the abused can become the abusers.

I am working on not being abusive, but, until I can control myself, I must carefully select who I associate with.

Basically, I don’t like people, and take out my frustrations on those less intelligent than I, who are most people, as I am in the top one percent.

My next post will be on the population I pick on most: the group formerly known as “Asperger’s”.

Please forgive me, but this site is where I am honest; I am autistic, but I am also not very nice at times.

I do not associate with milder autistics, as they simply cannot handle me, and they are too frustrating for me to be around without picking on, something I did not know until very recently, when I attended a “club” where they network for employment and discuss relationships – many are married and have children and careers, things I have never experienced and, most likely, never will.

I forget, they are autistic, and feel irritation, not emparhy; therefore I have decided to be compassionate from a distance.

I think I may be a bit envious, so will remove myself unril, and if, I can be kind.

For the record, I am very protective of more severely affected autistics and never pick on them.

Go figure.


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