Meltdown at Voting Place


I attempted to vote. Saw someone I knew headed that way and accompanied him.

He went on in and I lagged behind, trying to figure it out; since I had forgotten my glasses, and I am very nearsighted, it was very confusing. Visual confusion frustrates me, as does trying to express myself when I am not sure what I am trying to express. In other, words. I don’t know how to vote, having never done it, and did not know how to ask for help. Plus, I have been upset all day over an email I accidentally CC’d to the wrong person.

This is embarrassing, and the looks I get as people try to ascertain exactly what it is I want, is very upsetting. Then I get even more inarticulate and whiny. In a grown woman, this frightens people.

I wound up stamping my foot saying, “I don’t like this! I’m not doing it! NO!!” and running out. Stares all around.

Then, I got on the wrong bus and it must have been 80 degrees in there. I detest temperatures over 70.

When finally exiting the bus, I tagged off twice accidentally and may have lost $5.00 by doing so.

When I asked the driver about this, she was mean and so I was left flapping and crying on the sidewalk.

Now, I am safe in my room, and never want to leave. My support person, Jim, may take me later and we can vote together, but somehow I doubt I actually will follow through.

Another day in the life with autism.

tantrums or meltdowns.gif

Just talked with my therapist, Sara, from Autistry and think it will be OK. We are going to write a plan to deal with any meltdown which may occur. I like this one:

an open letter from Thinking Autism Guide


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