Why Do I Get Upset?

“Why do I get upset when someone else gets upset?”

This was my question last time at Autistry.

Someone  got upset and someone else jumped up and ran away, another covered the ears. I started flapping wildly. J.says he gets upset, too – and he seemed upset.

The best advice of all came from D., sitting next to me:

“Okay… We’re just going to pretend we didn’t see that”, turning back to the Halloween pictures we were sharing and looking at.

And this from a “severe” autistic.

So, I wondered why I feel panicky if someone gets upset.

Asked Sara.

“I think it’s empathy”.


Well, apparently, if you cannot feel empathy, you don’t get upset – like I used to be – I didn’t even notice people around me much.

Also, “normal” folks can hide it better, if they feel upset, according to Sara.

Why hide it?

So as not to embarrass or make the other person feel worse, I guess.

I cannot hide my feelings well. I hide in music:badmegatopphoenixl

Megatop Phoenix

By Big Audio Dynamite, 1989. Found a great old CD in the thrift store to listen to on my workout runs.




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