Autism Greenland for Autism Awareness I am Newest Team Member and Cannot Afford to Go!

Projected expenses are between four and five thousand dollars for me to ski from Aspen to Vail, the first phase of the project. I am going to try to get sponsored by either a local sporting goods company or gym.

Anyone with either an offer to sponsor or any ideas, please direct them to Greg Yates, from AASCEND, or Paul Nussbaum,, also with AASCEND.

Colorado Expedition Preparing for the Greenland Crossing

January 22 – 29, 2017

Roundtrip airfare from Oakland to Colorado.

Clothing list: (I will update this list, personalized and itemized for me after visiting a sporting goods store to estimate cost more precisely).

  • Ski boots with inner liners
  • 3 pairs of wool ski socks
  • Down booties
  • Insulated over boots (optional)
  • Mid weight long underwear bottom
  • Wool or ski Schoeller /alpine pants,
  • Wind pants with full length side zippers
  • Insulated ski pants with full side zippers (optional)
  • Mid weight long underwear top, wool or pile sweater
  • Nylon wind shirt with hood
  • Nylon bike vest. I wear this layer all of the time, it protects my core
  • Hooded puffy parka that fits over all layers
  • Mountain rain parka with hood
  • Wool gloves
  • Large insulated mittens
  • Wool ski hat
  • Balaclava
  • Sun hat.

Personal gear checklist:

  • Sleeping bag (rated to minus 20F degrees)
  • Full-length sleeping pad, possibly 2 sleeping pads if you are a cold sleeper
  • Skis/ski poles/bindings
  • Skins (2 pair, one full coverage skin and one kicker skin)
  • Avalanche beacon/Avalanche probe pole/Avalanche shovel
  • Sunglasses/sunglass’ retainer (RX)
  • Goggles (RX)
  • Toothbrush/paste/personal meds
  • 1-liter thermos and 1-liter insulated water bottle
  • Bowl/spoon.

Group Gear:

  • 4 Sled/harness
  • 3 medical kits
  • 4 Whisperlite stoves/stove repair kit
  • 3 1 liter fuel bottles with pumps
  • 3 gallons of white gas,
  • 4 tents/fly shelter
  • 1 ski/sled repair kit
  • 4 quart cooking pots
  • 4 Spatula, dipping cup, spice kit
  • 8 days of food for 8 people

Gear Specific Information:

We will be using lightweight Skis/Boots/Bindings. The poles will be longer than your alpine ski poles. I will be using Nordic carbon fiber racing poles!

  • AT or Rando Racing skis/boots/bindings (The boots, at $600.00 dollars or more, are the single most important item).

The “No List”:

  • No leather gloves
  • No cotton underwear
  • No deodorant
  • No toilet paper
  • No camelbacks
  • Please, do not bring a lot of snacks
  • Remember all liquids will freeze and need to be on your person at all times.

Update: 9/15/2016


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