Brokedown Bodhisattva

Brokedown Bodhisattva





noun: bodhisattva; plural noun: bodhisattvas; noun: Bodhisattva; plural noun: Bodhisattvas

  1. (in Mahayana Buddhism) a person who is able to attain Buddhahood but delays doing so out of compassion in order to save all sentient beings.

[ Author’s note: As compared  to Hinayana Buddhism, who do not put as much emphasis on delaying individual enlightenment]

After a very encouraging and successful morning attending Tibetan [Vajrayana -the third Buddhist school] meditation and exercise ( Lu Jong – a bit like fast Qi Gong ), I was primed and excited to write about the possibility that perhaps some autistics are natural Bodhisattvas.

Citing myself as an example –  naturally.

But, NO!!! – autism intruded once again, and I just spent the past hour frantically searching for a thumb drive I don’t even need right now, growing increasingly distraught – whining, crying, flopping around on the bed,, violently twiddling – the anxiety centered in my solar plexus roiling away and intensifying by the minute.

Now, I am so upset I can barely write this; these viscious upsets fade slowly.

Therefore, the Bodhisattva piece will be penned at a later date – perhaps tomorrow.

I apologize to the readers of my nascent site, and wish I could force meditation or exercise right now; but, alas, autistic upset still has a grip on me, and I have yet to develop consistent and reliable skills to keep it at bay.

Just a brokedown Bodhisattva in training.



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