I Don’t Want to Work…

…At Some Shit Job.

Catch Me on The David Snape Radio Show discussing Autism and Autistry October 3, 4 PM London Time, 8 AM PST

AutistryAndMeOctober 2, 2016musicRadioEdit”Catch Me on The David Snape Radio Show discussing Autism and Autistry October 3, 4 PM London Time, 8 AM PST”

On this week’s show, we talk about our dream jobs, the resignation of the England manager and paying tribute to Arnold Palmer.

Plus post of the week: Lets talk about rape and the failure of our system by amommasview
A brand new single from Jake Aldridge
New Artist Showcase: Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam, Connor Youngblood and KlabgKarussell
Interview with Christian Damian

The interview went well, with the exception of nearly every other word being “Um…”

Will say it again: Am very impressed with my new buddy, David Snape; his show is professional and his taste in music superb.

His topics are interesting and varied, and I strongly recommend listening to his show, The David Snape Show, on Mixcloud.

Earlier on this show he read comments from his listeners on “Dream Job”, and at least two people said they would like to be doing what I AM doing – writing, being a photographer – and I wonder why I’ve wasted so much time NOT doing it.

Trying to follow the course most others are on turned out to be a mistake; still, perhaps I had to try it to realize that – wish I hadn’t tried it for so long.

That brings up the subject of “What About (Autistic) People Who Do Not Desire, or Who Are Not Able To Enter the Workforce?”

I know, in my case. the knowledge I do not desire to strive for that, caused much guilt and conflict: “Oh no, I’m a bum, a lazy good-for nothing layabout…”


Except, that isn’t true; since I recently decided to wholeheartedly  pursue what I excel in, the arts, I am working, on average, nine hours a day, and sometimes more; people are calling me “prolific”, and I feel good about myself and what I am doing.

Indeed, I am making up for lost time.

So, to all of you out there reading this, please do not feel you need to work at Safeway or whatever, just because someone else tells you to; do it because you want to.

Or if you really need the money; but I hate to say it – you won’t make much more, or even as much, as you will staying on disability.

Now, Social Security allows you to work 16 hours or less a week and not lose your benefits; I  have done this, when experimenting with working a regular job – but I never worked so much as to have those benefits yanked; I would be in quite a bind if they were, since I am incapable of holding a standard job.

At a conference I attended recently for administrators and staff working with developmentally disabled adults, one speaker claimed he didn’t know anyone who wanted to be on disability as opposed to working.

Well, Buddy, if you are reading this now (and I know you aren’t), here is one person who does not mind staying on disability to follow my true path.



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