Catch Me on The David Snape Radio Show discussing Autism and Autistry October 3, 4 PM London Time, 8 AM PST

David Snape Radio Show, on Mixcloud. All the way from the UK!

I did the interview Friday afternoon and was very impressed with 26 year old David’s professionalism and demeanor.

A self described “autistic guy”, David has done quite well for himself, achieving a level of independence many, if not most, his age have.

I highly recommend giving his site a perusal and listening.

He also plays great music – whilst testing my Mixcloud and audio setup – successfully – in anticipation of listening tomorrow, he was playing Talking Heads, one of my favorite groups; sometime I will write a review on “True Stories” – the movie and the music.

So, support your local and European autistics, David and myself, by tuning in October 8.

You can also listen to a copy of the show, plus much more,  on David’s site, linked to above.




  1. Christian. I’ve tried now 4 times to find the link to your interview. The David Snape page is laid out in some impossible to fathom fashion. I can’t find the date, your name, Autistry… none of it. Please provide a direct link and I will happily go and listen even if I have to sign up. I’ll even share your link, but at present, I can’t because it seems to be unfindable.



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