San Francisco Digital Library on Overdrive

The entire SF Public Library digital site was rolled out just today. I know, because

I use the Overdrive app to read digital books every day, and lots of them. Reading is what I do most and enjoy most – threaten to take it away, and I freak out.

So just now when I attempted to log in to my OverfDrive account and it told me my library card was expired, I became extremely distraught and, frustrated, called the library.

How quickly an autistic like me can go from calm to overwhelmed…

I really detest speaking on the phone, as when others cannot understrand me, I get bitchy and become even more unintelligible. I blame it on cell phones – or would if this had not always been the scenario, even with landlines.

The  woman I spoke with was difficult to decipher herself, so it was a clusterfuck.

She sighed “Oh my God”, when I was not certain of my zip code and had to look it up, and I did not apreciate that.

Makes me feel stupid.

I am not stupid and had the entire digital mess all fixed and ready in minutes.

My new card expires in 2020, and the jury is still out on whether the revamped site is better than the one it replaced.

I believe the SF library has the best digital selections of any of the six libraries I have, and the one I use almost exclusively.

So, whoever you were who updated my information and renewed my card, thank you.



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