I Don’t Eat a Lot, but When I Do…

… I still don’t eat much.

Satiety comes quickly for me, and I feel uncomfortable where most folks would just feel pleasantly full. For me, feeling full does not feel good. I actually like the feeling of being slightly hungry, something most people will go to great lengths to avoid.

I know a guy who is an overeater, and he said he uses food as a drug – that overstuffed and drowsy state is something he seeks. To induce a “food coma” is his goal.

I cannot relate.

I must plan my daily allotment carefully, lest I not be able to ingest anything on schedule – when anticipating eating at Autistry, for example. We eat lunch together there, and for me to participate, I can not have anything before noon or I will not be able to eat at the proper time.

Perhaps years of undereating has trained my system to reject any more.

There is a a school of thought that undereating promotes longevity; if valid, I should live to 100, at least.

I am joking, but I know ASD is a factor in my food avoidance.

The textures, the temperature, the color and consistency along with the horror of feeling food in my stomach all contribute to my low intake.

Eating mostly organic and non-processed junk could be called orthorexia, not recognized by the DSM – whatever it is up to now; I stopped counting at “5”- that’s how much faith I have of the pronouncements made there; I just can’t stomach (pun intended) ingesting animals who are raised on GM corn, soy and even cats and dogs from shelters after euthanization.

(Note: I read they feed euthanized pets to cattle in CFOs in “Don’t Eat this Book”, by Morgan Spurlock, of “Supersize Me”, and was unable to confirm its veracity – so, Morgan, if you are reading this, send me some references – there  are none in your book. I would include a link to the book, but keep screwing up the fashioning of a link on the tablet, a decomp is building, so I gave up. If you really want to, I trust you can find it yourself.

I cannot buy much perishable food, lest it rot before I get to it.

On the upside – I am “cheap to feed”, and don’t spend as much on food as someone who eats more of it.

I really enjoy cooking and reading recipes, and have some skill in that area. Also, I can conjour taste by reading a recipe. Reading and “tasting” a recipe gives me more pleasure than actually eating!

Somewhere online I once read one of the most popular online topics is recipes – my own writing about food always gets instant “likes” and “follows”.

So, whether “disordered” or not, I will continue to eat as little as I desire.

Lately, I am finding my sense of well being is directly correlated with being me and not giving a damn what anyone thinks.

If I get orthostatic hypotension – no more attempt to link on tbhis device – look it up yourself – then I force some food, if I feel fine, I don’t; there is no one correct way to nourish oneself.

So, leave me alone.

Next chapter: “How I Beat Autistic Burnout by Not Trying Any More”.




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