Gary Numan Says He Has ASD!

Gary Numan first…

When I wrote Gary Numan and Me Wearing Leather, I mentioned his appeal to my autistic alienation; his songs were my anthem all through my teens – and even now I have “Dead Son Rising” on repeat when I venture out.

Now, there is a new documentary about his move to L.A. and his Aperger’s, “Android in La La Land” Though it has poor reviews, I cannot wait to get my hands on it-I have never seen a video of him, only heard the music.

I don’t usually enjoy music videos-if the visual impression is feeble to me, I will “see” it when I listen next, and it can taint the enjoyment.

Geddy Lee from Rush, for example: I think he sounds feminine, and that doesn’t bother me, but after seeing him live and finding his appearance disconcerting, that is the mental picture evoked when I hear Rush now.  I still listen to Rush, but wish I didn’t look at Geddy Lee!

Gary Lee Weinrib?! Now I wish I didn’t know his birth name, either!

Sorry, Geddy.


I wrote this (from “Members Only”) while wearing my ever-present headphones, listening to Gary.

I should have known – he spoke from the heart and personal experience, and I could sense it.

Thank you, Gary, for riding with me all these years.



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