About my zen practice [A propos de ma pratique du zen]

Here is another mature Zen practioner who happens to have autism.

Being Seen, the book

[La traduction en français se trouve à la fin de chacun des blogs]

I started to practice zen in 1999 when I went to live for six months in a zen center (sfzc.org).  Since then this spiritual practice has subtly and deeply transformed me, and doubtless the ways in which I express myself in my book reflect this.

The basis of zen practice is zazen.   Zazen is simple upright seated meditation, in silence and complete stillness, without any outside distraction. There are variations on how people sit and for how long exactly ­- that’s all decided beforehand and it usually is about forty minutes – but people usually sit upright on their black cushions (zafus) while turned facing the wall with their eyes half opened.

I was 35 when I went to live in the zen center.  While I wrote about this experience in my book, there was…

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