I Take Huggies Baby Wipes “Showers”, Just like an Astronaut


I “shower” with Baby Wipes




You know that feeling when you first step in the shower-that cold shock of difference, no matter what the actual temperature? There is a similar feeling when exiting the shower as well, but the sensation is not limited to showers; it can be exposure to any water, such as swimming. Everyone has seen the kid at the edge of the pool hesitating to jump in, trying to decide on the immersion method-will it be gradual or sudden? A dip of the toe or a cannonball splash?

I remember swimming lessons, which I hated because they were held at an outdoor pool at 7:30 AM. Granted, it was summer, but June where I grew up was not known for its sweltering temperatures-quite the contrary-ever heard the Mark Twain comment, “The coldest winter I ever spent was the summer I spent in San Francisco”?

[According to Quote Investigator (http://quoteinvestigator.com/),”there is no evidence that he ever made that remark about San Francisco”]

Moving on:

That brief shock of the entering and exiting water made swimming become not my favorite sport, but I am actually a fairly strong swimmer and enjoy kayaking and boating, and especially driving a hovercraft, which sends spray my way and sometimes includes wind, another sensation me no like.

The classic “wind in my hair”, forget about it-awful. Very unpleasant the way the hair, when it is long, whips into the face. Oh, and riding a motorcycle without a helmet? AAAGHHh! -not only does it feel unpleasant, your hair soaks up all the road smells and grease-GROSS…

So then you have to shower to get the stink out of the hair-wait, no you don’t; you can wash the hair separately-not in a salon because a: you can’t stay still, and, B: then use baby wipes to clean the grime off the body.

At Autistry, S. told me some people have difficulty “crossing thresholds, but can motivate themselves to tolerate discomfort in anticipation of – I hate to say “reward”-but, in order to enjoy the activity.

For instance, despite my wetness reticence, I don’t like dirty white collars, and, since we are not living in an Edith Wharton novel where they wear detachable collars, today I want to wear tennis whites-in this situation, I will take a “real” shower, and as quickly as possible to get it over with.

That stuff about long bubble baths sounds nice, but is often more trouble than it is worth, especially when people tell you to clean up dirt you can’t even see or don’t care about.

What?! Clean up to clean up?

I read somewhere baby wipes are one of the most requested items for our military troops overseas.

{now I am decomping trying to get a link into this post, so am scratching and flicking hair-right hand only-how much time has passed?

Old Word program  and

This is what autism is , the frenetic never getting it together

just switched to ??????

F%.(it ust publish SOMETHING

Oh, no-here comes the left hand getting in on the action, which means I’m typing this later after a reprieve – cannot type with both hands attending to the rhythm needed

This is a cyber meltdown in cyberspace

NOT “We choose to go to the moon”- which is  what I am raring up to spiel off- the famous Kennedy speech is threatening to issue from my mouth

Spin the chair around -a chair not unlike those in Mission Control Houston-comma intentionally left out-spin around violently to fire me from the maw which is listening to, and/or repeating, not only the Kennedy speech but the astronautical babble and the lovely electronic beeps.

DON’T say it – I know “astronautical was not a “real” word-it is now, thanks to moi.

Plus, am exploring Windows 10 with a non Microsoft browser-

“Why do you always have to make it so haaaard, they’d drone.





Just had to tear myself away- so as not to get launched along with the video right hand still scritchen the hair whorl-just call me Twiddles.


To be continued…

To be continued…

To be…




  1. Interesting. When a teen, Tim hitchhiked from the East coast to the West coast carrying a bottle of alcohol with him to sponge down. To this day, (he’s in his sixties now) he will still sponge down with alcohol for a quick clean-up.


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