I Get Robbed of my Phone at Rohnert Park Grocery Outlet

Why I don’t like to get frazzled in public.

Hindsight is 20/20, right?

I noticed this creepy woman eyeballing me but ignored her. Big mistake.

See, this is what her legs and body was covered with – disgusting- not the tattoos themselves but the tattoos on her-she was just an unpleasant specimen.

Image result for skull tattoos on female legs

Her legs were covered with skull tats and she was an ugly, big speed freak-regular toothless wonder. I wouldn’t be so harsh if she was in recovery, but she clearly was NOT and I have no tolerance of people who take advantage of others, especially thieves.

Image result for meth mouth

She probably does meth AND soda.

I was wearing this:

Image result for koosh wristband


I got it at Cost Plus and was not aware it was a “special needs” thing – and neither, apparently,did the two different 4 year old girls who saw me wearing it and got very excited. These were not “special needs” kids at all.

Anyway, she saw the koosh bracelet and came up -right in my face-and boomed,


In a belligerent tone which made me suspect she was making fun of me.

“Thanks”, I replied uncertainly.

When they didn’t have my lemon flavor – the real reason I was here at this godforsaken town in a 95 degree heat blast – I guess I got frazzed and was not paying as much attention as I should to the whereabouts of both the phone and the bitch.

Long story short, she snagged my phone, denied it, accused me of stealing and the security jacked me up outside and searched my stuff. As I had my receipt, they apologized, but it was too late; at that point I had totally lost it and was crying and unable to talk much. I was really angry – first I get robbed, then she lies about me stealing to divert attention from her.

I was really having a fit outside the store and the guys who searched my stuffed were embarrassed and maybe scared of me. I felt like shit. They kept saying, “Calm down”, and “stop shaking”.


When I am like that DON’T tell me to “calm down”, DON’T try to ask me questions -JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

I really am going to get the QR Code ID:

It’s a great little company, and I hope to eventually provide them a piece of art for a T Shirt. They make devices tied to a database which can be updated in real time in case you (I) get in trouble or lost.

If my friend had not eventually returned to his car which he parked where I could see it, I would have been screwed.

I had no money with me, no phone numbers, no phone.

Then!!: I see her leaving the store and getting in a purple PT Cruiser, right next to my friend’s car.

“Quick!” I yelled, “Get a picture of that license plate – that’s her!!”

Some bystander snapped a pic and I had the license for the police who another bystander called, but it did no good as she not only denied it and tried to attack me physically while spewing profanities, she also was long gone by the time the police arrived.

When my buddy finally showed up, I was still in bad shape but calming down a little.

Still, the ride home was tense and he got upset because I was upset and wanted to talk to me even though I told him not to. So I got even more upset and screamed a little. This made it even worse.

Then, he misplaced his phone but later found it.

I cancelled the service and will next write about how dependent, even I have become on cellular technology.

Anything that can upset me that much is not so good.

Still, I felt violated and abused. Not a good feeling. I even felt nauseous the rest of the day into this morning.

The last text I sent on it was to J. at Autistry noting the speed freak ridiculing me because of the sounds I couldn’t help making.

My next chapter will be about dependence on cell phones.

Here is the link to If I Need Help:




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