My Modified Sensory Diet

The sensory diet is not usually about food, but in this case it is:  I needed to puree tomatoes for a tomato sauce and, as I had a stressful day yesterday, those wonderfully squishy heirloom tomatoes looked like excellent material – especially as I love squishy textures.


It took surprisingly long to squish enough to remove the skins and pithy core, so for 15-20 minutes I was focused intently on that-no electronic devices to distract -I made sure of that by turning them off.

This was effective as well as basically free, unlike some of the products marketed as “sensory tools”.

I also purchased 2 items at Cost Plus today-a glow in the dark colorful putty and a Koosh-type thing which can be worn around a wrist; it is on mine as I type!

$10.00 for the pair.

Will just have to resist getting the putty on my face or lips by smelling it as it smells really toxic (although the label claims otherwise).



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