Raspberry PI @Autistry Studios

Today was difficult for me; I am under a lot of stress lately and it is presenting as a regression and exacerbation of my sensory overload issues, stimming (lots and energetically), self talk (out loud!), and distraction/difficulty staying on task.

Screamed when the lunch cart wheels suddenly screeched and was taken aside to discuss what could be done to deal with both the reaction to noise and why it is exacerbated right now. I explained and heard about the sensory diet, which we are going to try with me.

To do my first program, Sara sat with me to keep me engaged and read the steps from the book while I followed the steps:

“Just follow the steps one time”, D. said when I tried to mess around on my own.

I do this too much and it really interferes with quick learning. Also, I tend to not take breaks so my body and mind can get really tense and frazzled.

I noticed extra autistic signs lately and wonder how tied to my not running lately to reduce the adrenaline? Tomorrow, a jog!

Another thing to work on.

I kept my lead film bag on my lap and the Koosh ball where I could see it under the monitor and got almost completely through the first two projects!


I really enjoy computing and feel a sense of accomplishment.

I had never heard of the sensory diet and it sounds interesting. This stuff didn’t exist when I was growing up but I don’t think it is too late to try.


I actually started crying when called out on my behavior and it was embarrassing.

“Hurt my feelings”, I said but I forgive easily and after a good walk with some of the others where I swung in the park (the motion calms me), I returned to tackle assembling a Raspberry pi, booting up and working with the programming language Scratch:PIBootu[p.




I am on the right with a staff member. I like her very much.


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