I Wear A Weighted Vest Sometimes

Since starting attending Autistry I have discovered the use of weighted vests to help calm people with sensory overload.

I have always loved the lead vest at the dentist and secretly wanted one.

I don’t have one.

What I do have is a wildland firefighting dozer pack to which I added a an old lead film bag and a laptop battery. It straps snugly to me and provides a supporting or grounding feeling.

Just as good or better than the online versions and cheaper, too!


An online store for calming supplies:




(Ignore this box-can’t seem to easily delete it.)

Then, right there in the hall Sara showed me a site with what I thought were teething toys (her baby is teething) and that led to this:


I am SO excited!! Can you believe it?

O.K., calm down Christian.

Going out for a break, something I noticed they do frequently at Autistry.


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