Oily Jiggler Kitty!



To this day I miss my rubber goofy cat. Approximately 5 inches tall and like the Disney character Goofy looking, except it was a cat. He was an unassuming greenish blue colour and the consistency of a gel computer wrist rest.He smelled like petrochemicals which I also enjoyed sneaking mini whiffs of.

I would rub him between my fingers, on my chin and then, inching toward my mouth, one day got so excited I accidentally bit his head off.

Like I said, I miss him to this day.

Spied Ian enjoying a red spiky rubber ball today and was reminded of petrokitty.

Still, something wasn’t right.

The texture was off somehow.

Then, online:!!!

Oi!y jiggler!! That’s his genus (or is it species? Pretty sure it’s ‘genus’).




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