Day1 Revised

Autistry and Me

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Day 1

With not much sleep last night – was obsessing on whether Autistry Studios in San Rafael would accept me as a client – excuse me, just got distracted by a story on the news about a man in Florida who is a “behavior therapist”-or some such- anyway, this man was with an autistic man who had a toy truck which the police mistook for a gun and shot the guy in the leg:


When asked why he did it, the officer replied he didn’t know- so running on little sleep, I steeled myself for my introductory lunch at the only program for autistic adults I have ever heard of.

One of the founders, Dan, asked how I heard about Autistry and I replied:

“Driving by”.

(Actually, I was being driven by).

Think I saw it mentioned first on the internet and then when, by chance, I saw it riding by, I did nothing the first few times.

Finally, one Saturday, I asked Jim to pull in and I knocked on the door. When there was no response, I went back to the car and scrounged a scrap of paper and a pen. On it I expressed my interest in volunteering at Autistry Studios along with my number.

As I was walking away, someone opened the door and I think it was Sara.

We kept in touch for at least a month before this introductory lunch and I saved all of our texts to document and record the process  I am embarking on.

We were discussing the continuing lack of understanding of autism today, both with the founders of Autistry and then, later, with two of the interns as I expressed how grateful I was to be able to experience a place like Autistry.

I mentioned something I had read about older autistic folks being mistaken for dementia patients and how this terrifies me because I so fear antipsychotic drugs – they cause anaphylaxis in me.


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